Welcome to BootLifter™

Does a rounder, tighter, sexier butt sound appealing to you? We hope so, because we have the ultimate butt lift for you. Whether you are doing it for sports, injury or beauty, our BootLifter™ by Octopus™ is extreme support for your butt.

Our patent-pending BootLifter™ works like the connective tissue in your body, to perfectly lift and support, which is why you will not find a better butt lift. BootLifter™ uses a combination of elastic and inelastic components, that mimic elastic connective tissue and dense fibrous connective tissue, to give a butt lift that looks and feels natural. The butt lift is robust but it looks 100% natural and feels 100% natural.

Unlike compression garments and other butt lift products, you actually get a beautiful, perfect, natural butt lift and you get this tight, beautiful, behind without the pain and discomfort that you get with competing products. Also, unlike compression garments, with BootLifter™ you can position the appendages to get a customized lift and butt shape that is ideal for you. This is important because people have different shapes and BootLifter™ provides the ability to have a perfect butt regardless of the shape that you start with.
Additionally, because it is an active lift, when used continually, over time, your butt may gradually be able to lift itself and maintain a rounder and tighter appearance. The opposite is true with the passive support that happens with compression garments and the like. So, make sure to give BootLifter™ a try today and you could enjoy a rounder, tighter and sexier butt forever.